Dems need backbones, not apologies

Frank CagleFrank Talk

Did you ever wonder why there are people who like rude and crude Donald Trump? If you look at the current crop of Democrats seeking to replace him it ought to become clear. It isn’t so much a campaign as it is an apology tour. Do you really want a president who is a wimp? How do you plan to deal with the world when a Twitter meme causes you to cave in and beg forgiveness for your supposed sins?

Beto O’Rourke made a joke the other day, saying his wife is raising their children and he helped out sometimes. He was accused of not being a properly woke father, denigrating childrearing and God knows what else. Did Ol’ Beto point out it was a joke and a ham-handed tribute to his wife? No. He groveled for two days begging forgiveness for being insensitive. Then he apologized for being a white man. This is a guy who wants to be the leader of the free world?

Well-to-do, successful candidates refuse to say they are proud to be capitalists and that capitalism is the system that has provided the most good for the most people the world has ever seen. God forbid they should condemn socialism. Joe Biden, with over 40 years on the public teat, has a list as long as your arm for which his detractors think he should apologize. Instead of taking credit for his crime bill that made neighborhoods safer, invented community policing and reduced violent crime, he has to apologize for putting criminals in prison. U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, a former prosecutor and attorney general of California, is on the defensive for putting poor people in jail. She “accepted responsibility” for putting criminals in jail like somebody ought to apologize for it. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is apologizing for a hostile work environment in his last campaign and is proud of the fact that his current campaign workers are joining a union to protect themselves from his depredations. And the list goes on.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, looking at the far left positions of the candidates, decided not to run because he didn’t think he could win the nomination. This successful capitalist would likely beat Trump like a rented mule, and no one ever called him a wimp. The only national issue that would have been a problem for him, maybe, is his anti-gun positions.

While this bunch panders to every tribe that makes up the Democratic Party these days, the rest of America is watching with disgust. As much as some Republicans and independents hate Trump, are they really going to vote for candidates who go around checking the right box, spouting the politically correct pap, endorsing whatever socialist program bartender/philosopher Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez espouses this week?

Where is the Democrat who has a spine? When Bill Clinton ran for president, he got up the nerve to answer criticism from activist Sister Souljah by accusing her of reverse racism. It demonstrated that he had the courage to take on party constituencies and be his own man. Where is the Democrat in this crowded field who will stand up and say Medicare for all will wipe out private insurance and bankrupt the country? That the Green New Deal is science fiction? Who will step forward and tell America they do not favor turning America into Venezuela?

The shortcut the Democrats hoped to use to oust Trump has been thwarted. The special counsel found no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. The case for obstruction is not clear enough to bring charges, according to the attorney general. Democrats and establishment media (is that redundant?) have told us for two years that the Marine war hero Saint Robert Mueller would get the truth. So now they have to eat it. If the Democrats had any sense they would drop all this and let their 2020 candidates concentrate on defeating Trump. This fiasco of an investigation has strengthened Trump’s position. But if the Democrats insist on having hearing after hearing it will likely have the same effect that the attack-filled confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh did – inflame the Republican base.

The nasty, narcissistic Trump so enrages the Democrats that they can’t think straight. Between presidential candidates pandering to children by treating their bloviations as serious policy positions, to trying to impeach Trump and remove him from office, they are likely to re-elect him.

I thought the selection of Hillary Clinton to take on Trump was folly in the extreme. This time around it appears the Democrats will think up an even more bizarre way to put Trump back in the White House.

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