Crumbl Cookies arrives in Knoxville

Sandra ClarkOur Town Eats, Powell

The line forms on the sidewalk of the new building in front of Target on Clinton Highway. Crumbl Cookies is a 2022 eating experience. Watch the video here.

Before I got home, there was a text message, presenting my receipt, asking how they had done and offering “loyalty points” for participating.

The bakers at Crumbl Cookies in Powell

This franchise is hot, and the cookies are wonderful. The marketing plan seems to be 4-6 varieties offered for a week (changes on Sundays) of 200 total cookies. So, you’ve gotta keep coming back. There’s no shelf of cookies for viewing. Just a small army of teens busy icing cookies, straight from the oven.

So, I bought two chocolate chips, a lemon crinkle, a walnut fudge brownie and two pink donuts (don’t ask). Brought them home, sliced them like a pie and shared with family and friends. Also, don’t ask the calories per cookie.

The first Crumbl in Knox County opened June 3 at 6672 Clinton Highway, Suite 104. And wait, there’s more. A sign says, “Coming soon. Super Chix – Chicken & Custard.” It’s right next door. Man, they’ve got some different food. Check here.

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