Friday bird watch…sort of

Beth KinnaneOur Town Outdoors

Your friendly neighborhood community news editor is recently returned from a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Should the opportunity to make the trip ever come your way, I highly recommend it. We stayed on the south end of Hatteras Island but covered the territory from Hatteras Village north to Corova Beach where the wild horses roam. An attempt was made to ferry over to Ocracoke, but the wait became annoying, and there were other things to see, like the Hatteras Lighthouse, the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum and the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills.

A new prince among a harem of mares on Corova Beach, North Carolina. Photo by Beth Kinnane

Spoiler alert for all the Nicholas Sparks fans out there: the “bankers” (as the wild horses are called) don’t ever make it to Rodanthe. They’d have to cross the NC-12 causeway or swim across the Oregon Inlet.

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