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Let’s talk about the coupons you’ll find every day on the Food City website.

Coupons have a section on the home page and some pretty good deals. Thursday’s 187 coupons included saving $1 on Galbani mozzarella cheese, 70-cents on a tray of Kern’s Honey Buns, 51-cents on Food Club dry roasted peanuts, $1 on Olay facial cleanser and $3 on Tide pods laundry detergent.

The coupon shows the savings; you click on your store to see the price. Best of all, a simple click adds the item to your grocery cart. Shopping online takes a minute to learn, but once they’ve tried it, everyone I know would never go back to the paper list hanging on the fridge. (But if you prefer, you can print the coupons at home and bring them on into the store.  We aim to please!)

A couple of weeks remain to support race car legend Richard Petty’s campaign to help paralyzed veterans. The promotion will run through July 28. Customers can donate $1, $3 or $5 at checkout. Over the past 10 years, Food City customers and vendors have raised more than $1.25 million for Paralyzed Veterans of America.

This week’s ad has some surprises. Click link to read: Food City_7.17 Knox ROP

Betsi James is special events manager for Food City’s Knoxville and Chattanooga divisions.

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