Clayton Park is site of Halls dog park

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Looks like the Halls dog park will be built at Clayton Park, intersection of Hwy. 33 and Norris Freeway. The park has plenty of room and great visibility.

In an update to Mike Donila’s Friday column in, Abbey Harris, deputy communications director, hedged a bit on saying the selected locations are final:

“For the Knox County Parks and Recreation Department, that more than likely means building new dog parks at Beverly Park, New Harvest Park, the (Karns) SportsPark, Powell Station Park and Clayton Park, though specific park locations may be updated if the need arises,” she wrote.

Residents of Gibbs and Corryton (separate places, folks) observed that Beverly Park is nowhere near either community but is close to New Harvest Park.

The project to build five new dog parks inside and outside the Knoxville city limits was initiated by the donation of $500,000 by the Boyd Family Foundation. That’s $50,000 for each park, adequate to build fencing but not enough to build a dog park from scratch – providing parking, etc. This set Knox County looking for county-owned land already operated as a public park. We’ll continue to monitor this project.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

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