Big sale: 26 lots in Thompson Meadows for $1.22 million

Nick McBrideGibbs/Corryton, On the Grow

The first full week of December is finished and here we are just about a week from Christmas! The real estate elves are working hard to help people buy and sell before the year ends, which keeps the Register’s office busy.

The 1,451 deeds recorded during the week included 324 Trust Deeds with a value of $96.9 million. Eleven were over a million dollars, the largest being funded by ORNL Federal Credit Union for $4.8 million. The other banks lending large amounts were:

Subdivisions are still being built all around town, in fact, the only commercial property transfer of the 236 recorded was for more lots in a newly constructed neighborhood in Corryton. The 236 Warranty Deeds had a combined value of $89.8 million, eight of which were over a million dollars.

Mesana Investments LLC sold 26 more of the lots in the Thompson Meadows Subdivision in Corryton to D.R. Horton Inc. for $1.22 million. The first part of the subdivision was transferred between the two parties in August and construction is ongoing.

The chart below shows the past three years comparing Trust Deed totals and Warranty Deed totals for each year. Knox County has seen a lot of growth in three years!

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Have a great weekend!

Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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