Another one bites the dust – literally!

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Susan Sizemore and Patti Wells Enjoy Lunch at Copper Cellar

Susan Sizemore and Patti Wells enjoy lunch at Copper Cellar

Eating at a favorite restaurant is more than an enjoyable and comforting experience. A favorite restaurant is more than just a place to eat; it is a place that holds memories, traditions and feelings of nostalgia. Eating at a favorite restaurant can be a way to connect with loved ones, celebrate special occasions or simply indulge in a guilty pleasure.

I have those memories of Copper Cellar on the Cumberland Strip, and while I can’t claim to be a regular, I always knew it was a choice. As my friends, Patti and Susan said when they recently went there to celebrate Patti’s birthday, “I sure hate to see it destroyed.”

Yes, friends, it seems, we are not just losing our friendly choice for that special occasion, we may be getting more student housing on the Cumberland Avenue Strip, according to rumors and other articles being written. I sure hope those students learn how to cook, because the choices will be limited and a lot of us may be dropping in for a “Wednesday Special Burger” since one of our favorites will be gone.

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