Cleanup on Beaver Ridge Road

Betty BeanKarns, Knox Scene

The 6th District of the Knox County Democratic Party held its Adopt-a-Road cleanup of Beaver Ridge Road in Karns for the 19th time beginning in 2011.

Wearing masks and at a distance, they also cleaned the vacant lot at Emory Road and the sidewalks on the narrow Karns Bridge built in 1940. The bridge, which was once impassable with soil, gravel, moss and vegetation as well as overhanging trees, not only looks better but is now safe for pedestrians to cross.

Happy workers are Janice Spoone, Elizabeth Vacanti, Frank Schingle, Kitty Loewen; (back) Charles Smith, Al Stults (District 6 Adopt-a-Road coordinator), David Williams (co-chair District 6 Democratic Party) and Ian Ratner. Picture taken by Marianne May (co-chair District 6 Democratic Party).


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