Weeks, months and shoes

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Let’s sweep up some loose ends from last week.

Weeks vs. Months: I misquoted Mayor Glenn Jacobs’ press statement about the suspension of Chief of Staff Bryan Hair and his friend Paul White, director of parks & rec. Jacobs said the audit could take several weeks, not months. Here’s his full statement: Employees on Admin. Leave  Now I’m hearing that the investigation could be wrapped up this week. That makes sense because Jacobs has acted decisively on previous personnel issues. He’s running an internal investigation as well as the external audit.

The other guy: The word “months” got into my head from last week’s resignation/termination of Ronnie Kidd, a civilian employee of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Tom Spangler explained why Kidd was put on paid leave May 1 and pled guilty to official misconduct on Oct. 13 – some five and a half months of pay. Spangler said Kidd has submitted retirement papers and left open the question of whether he is eligible for a county pension, saying “I don’t do pensions.” Hear the sheriff’s comments here (start at 2:21).

Shoes: I buy shoes every second or third year when the current shoes wear out. Literally. I’ve been wearing flat black SAS lace-ups for decades. One pair at a time. But when I researched the Hoka and Keen hiking boots favored by the now-suspended county officials, I left a computer trail. Now when I check email or read the Washington Post I get the weirdest shoe ads. I’m bombarded with ads for sandals and orthopedic support shoes in a variety of colors. Wonder how long this will last? If I were going to buy shoes, I wouldn’t do it online. Good grief.

Larry Drain, featured by Betty Bean last Thursday, has raised $1,205 – more than enough to secure the genetics test needed for a possible diagnosis. Twenty-four donors kicked in amounts ranging from $10 to $150. Thanks, y’all.

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