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Like the Volunteer football squad, the starting eleven for the Knox County Commission reorganizes each year, usually sustaining fewer injuries and calls for a coaching change than the pigskin toters on campus. So, with a rousing cry of “Go team!” we present this year’s edition of commission committee notables.

  • Commission chair Hugh Nystrom and vice-chair Michele Carringer are holdovers from last year’s squad. Ardent fans will watch their play-calling closely.
  • Holding down the position of chair on the rules committee is Larsen Jay. Carson Dailey fills the vice-chair slot. This is a vital committee; you can’t play the game without rules.
  • The insolvency board is chaired by Richie Beeler with the able assistance of vice-chair Justin Biggs. Sorry, but they aren’t available to assist you with past due bills.
  • John Schoonmaker holds down the chair on the finance committee. Larsen Jay is vice-chair of this group known affectionately as the “Budget Bombers.”
  • Contrary to popular belief, members of the cable tv committee do not binge-watch Netflix original programming when the committee is in session. Keeping the set appropriately tuned are chair Richie Beeler and vice-chair Larsen Jay.
  • Legislative affairs may take on a darker meaning in Nashville, but here it’s pure as the driven snow. John Schoonmaker calls the shots on this committee.
  • Evelyn Gill chairs the court subcommittee. Justin Biggs was installed as vice-chair.
  • Biggs also scored a choice assignment being named to the board of directors for the Development Corporation.
  • Finally, Caron Dailey, Richie Beeler, Evelyn Gill and Larsen Jay make up the traveling squad for the joint education committee.

Larry Van Guilder is the business and government editor for KnoxTnToday.

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