Wright seeks help for South Knox family

Sandra ClarkSouth Knox

State Rep. Dave Wright is asking for help for a South Knox County constituent. We confirmed the request with his Nashville office on Tuesday.

Wright’s assistant, Tara Bezawada, said she personally researched help for the family of Nicholas Galyon but found no resources.

Nicholas was born 25 years ago with spina bifida and cerebral palsy. He needs around-the-clock care. Currently, his mom, Kim, has to coordinate rides for wheelchair-accessible transportation. She has located a used van that her family desperately needs, but they could not qualify for a loan to purchase it.

The family “makes too much money to get any grants or financial assistance, but she and her husband do not make enough money to free their family from medical debt and qualify for a car loan,” said Bezawada.

So, Wright’s staffer created a gofundme account to enable folks to help. You can get more details here. “Money won’t fix so many problems in life, but in this case, it would change someone’s world,” she wrote. And the second contribution on the website: $50 from Tara Bezawada.

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