Window Seat

Christopher RobinOur Town Arts

Everyone, of a certain age, has a drugstore story. My mother’s office was on the same block as a local drugstore, tightly packed with sundries. This kid was most interested in comic books and the fountain. With a fistful of independence and one thin dime, I could have a scoop of ice crusted, yet hand-dipped, ice cream flavor of choice – if it fell within the four-flavor range. I climbed atop a swivel stool and presented my request and my dime. My order was filled by the nice pharmacist.

When we opened our studio in the Phoenix Building, I quickly took to exploring the familiarity of old floors and fixtures. The Fountain provides a quiet, nostalgic step back in time, with many more choices, uncrowded sundries, nice pharmacists and a swivel stool from which to watch life go by.

This painting is a new technique I’m doing in acrylic, one in a series. Stop into our studio to take a look.

This week is the First Friday Art Walk until 9 p.m. Find your way through the construction scaffolding and come see what we have been busy creating.

Photographer Chris and painter Robin Rohwer each week share a painting or photograph that captured their interest in hopes that it will also capture yours. They have a small studio and gallery in the Phoenix Building at 418 South Gay Street where you can stop and see their work. Their website is All works are copyright protected.


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