State Rep. Bill Dunn talks with Carolyn Wells following the July meeting of the PBPA.

Bill Dunn says the state of the state “is great.” He spoke briefly to the Powell Business & Professional Association in July. “For three years in a row, Tennessee is the fastest improving state in education.”

And while he does not want to be seen as bashing U.S. Rep. Jimmy Duncan, Dunn offered some comparisons from the state Comptroller’s Office. “We know that the federal fiscal situation would not be so grim if others voted as Duncan does,” he said.

Base salary for state representative about $20,000.

Base salary for U.S. representative about $174,000.

Taxes per capita in Tennessee – $2,130

Taxes per capita in federal government – $12,022

Debt per capita in Tennessee – $296

Debt per capita in federal government – $64,395

Deficit per capita in Tennessee – $0

Deficit per capita in federal government – $1,400


Written by Sandra Clark
editor/CEO Powell 865-661-8777