UT-area Hilton Garden Inn tops transfers

Nick McBrideOn the Grow

Property transfers were back in an average range last week. In the first full week of May, 203 property transfers (down from 377 the previous week) totaling $72.8 million took place.

The transfer between Knoxville Hotel Associates LLC and GKTN Owner LLC was the largest transfer at $23.8 million for the Hilton Garden Inn on Lake Avenue in the University of Tennessee campus area. That was more than four times the amount of the previous week’s leader.

Also reverting to average were Deeds of Trust, with 275 recorded with a total of $81.68 million (compared with 439 and $95.9 million). Not surprisingly, the largest of these was between GKTN Owner LLC and Wells Fargo Bank for $22 million for the Hilton Garden Inn.

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Nick McBride, Knox County Register of Deeds, provides a weekly transfer report for KnoxTNToday readers.

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