Update today on four Powell road projects

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Four significant road projects are ahead for Powell and nearby areas. TDOT rep Andy Padgett will speak today (2/9) at noon to the Powell Business & Professional Association at Jubilee Banquet Facility. Covid restrictions limit attendance to the first 50 to arrive, and lunch ($14) will be served at the table.

We talked Monday with Jim Snowden, director of Engineering and Public Works for Knox County. He provided sketches for the four projects, saying some of the details might have changed but the scope of the work is the same.

Emory & I-75: Knox County has an agreement with TDOT to provide $500,000 for right-of-way necessary for backage roads. Design is underway, and construction is estimated to start late 2022 or early 2023. This is a diverging diamond design similar to Exit 407 in Sevier County. The backage roads will provide access to Starbucks and Krystal to prevent congestion on Emory Road.

Emory Road & Norman Jack/Taggart/Bishop: Contract awarded, waiting for utilities to relocate, estimated completion Fall 2021. This project will create one intersection with a traffic signal. Fire trucks from the new Rural Metro station on Norman Jack Road will have radio control of the traffic signal to “make Emory go red.”

Roundabout: W. Beaver Creek Drive & Brickyard Road – all right-of-way acquired, coordinating utilities now, estimated completion early 2022. This project will enable motorists from Brickyard to safety turn left onto Beaver Creek. Sidewalks will be installed. This project was funded $750,000 in Mayor Tim Burchett’s last budget and another $750,000 in Mayor Glenn Jacobs’ first budget.

Beaver Creek Drive & Clinton Highway: A couple of businesses will be impacted by this project which will install a much-needed traffic signal at this intersection. Knox County Procurement is working on a request for qualifications for appraisal services necessary to acquire the right-of-way, Snowden said. “We anticipate completing the R-O-W this year and turning it over to TDOT for construction next year. The camper store and bread store will be impacted.” Knox County is estimating $1.2 million for R-O-W acquisition. Old Clinton Highway will discharge into the intersection with the current entrance made into a cul-de-sac.

Note: This story will be updated on Tuesday afternoon with sketches and comments from TDOT.


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