Unlikely connections lead to life-long friendships

Susan EspirituNorth Knoxville, Our Town Neighbors

Teachers across the area returned to schools this past week, cleaning, readying and planning for their new classes in between administrative trainings. Perfect timing for a group of retired educators to meet for lunch to celebrate, reminisce and party in between schedules that are now of their own making after years of public service.

Their story started when at least four of them were involved in Knox County Schools’ teachers desegregation many years ago. Names went into a draw and teachers were transferred to schools based on race. At that time, no one wanted to be moved and everyone was unhappy about it. These educators taught at either Brownlow Elementary or Sarah Moore Greene Elementary.

However, it was through this draw, Martha Jean Bratton says, “We all made new life-long friends and that has been one of the topics at this luncheon every year without exception.”

This was the 12th annual luncheon that Linda Jarnigan hosted which she began upon her retirement in 2012 and these incredible women have shared cherished memories every year and will continue to share for many years to come.

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