Two views of the Little River

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It is estimated that the world will take 14.6 trillion photographs this year. That is 40 billion each day or about six photos daily for every person on the face of the earth. One of the things I challenge myself with is to figure out how to photograph the same thing everyone else is seeing but in a different way.

This week I have two images from the middle prong of the Little River, near the end of Tremont Road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s a well-known spot; every photography workshop or class seems to stop here. Most stand on the road and shoot this small waterfall and then move on to other subjects.

To get a different image I chose, at risk to life, limb and camera equipment, to climb halfway down the steep embankment to get the first shot. Then I continued down to the water’s edge where I took the second image. The comparison shows how a relatively small adjustment in location makes a significant change in perspective. These images were shot on a tripod with a multiple-second exposure which gives the water movement or a cotton effect. As you take your six images today, look for a way to be different: You may like the result.

August 2 is First Friday in downtown Knoxville with many of the studios and galleries open until 9:00 p.m. Feel free to stop to see Robin and me in our studio located in the lower level of the Emporium at 100 South Gay Street. Tell us KnoxTN Today sent you.

The middle prong of the Little River, near the end of Tremont Road in
the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Photos by Chris Rohwer.

Photographer Chris and painter Robin Rohwer each week strive to share a painting or photograph that captured their interest in hopes that it will also capture yours. They have a small studio and gallery in the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville where you can stop and see their work. Check ahead to see when they will be there, as they may be off looking for more inspiration. Their website is Email them at If a particular piece interests you for your home or office, please contact them. All works are copyright protected.

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