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The Book Whisperer recommends two books that should be on your summer reading list this year especially if you are a seasonal reader. Move The Summer Swap by Sarah Morgan and The Summer of Songbirds by Kristy Woodson Harvey to the top of your lists.

Most seasonal readers look forward to making a reading list for each season. My summer to be read list has 59 books on it! No way I will read all of those, but it brings a lot of joy to make the list and then write READ beside the book title when the last page is turned. Quite a few are typical “beach reads” and others are set in a cooler climate in hopes of escaping the hot days if not in real life at least in my imagination. With the temperatures on the rise in East Tennessee, let us travel to Cape Cod and a summer camp.

Sarah Morgan’s Christmas novels are always hopeful and her summer release, The Summer Swap, is no different. Morgan takes us to Cape Cod and explores how grief, secrets and disappointment affect relationships in a multi-narrative family drama. The story is told through three female narrators. First, we meet Lily, a down on her luck, medical school dropout, who is cleaning rental houses and squatting in an empty cottage. The cottage owner, Cecilia, is a widow trying to find her way after her husband, a famous artist, dies. Her grief-stricken daughter, Kristen, is a lonely wife contemplating divorce. How will Morgan resolve these issues? With a dose of romance and a happy ending of course.

Did you go to summer camp? I did not, but Camp Holly Springs seems like the idyllic place for a young girl to spend a summer. When three best friends learn their beloved camp is in danger of closing, they band together to find new ways for the camp to survive and continue to be a safe summer haven for years to come. Secrets are revealed and complications arise during their quest. Will the camp survive? Will their friendships? In The Summer of the Songbirds, Kristen Woodson Harvey crafts a beautiful novel about repairing friendships because navigating life’s twists and turns together is so much better.

Look for these recommendations and other books at Knox County Online Library or your local independent book store each week.

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