The land endures

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When the Gondolier Restaurant opened in Halls, customers overwhelmed the parking lot. Kroger, a considerable distance from Gondolier, nevertheless had cars towed if a Gondolier customer parked on Kroger land.

It was classic little guy vs. big guy.

Now it’s 2021 and a big $4 million real estate transfer happened last week. Here’s how Register of Deeds Nick McBride described it in his “On the Grow” column for Knox TN Today:

“The third (largest) commercial transaction was between Maynardville Pike LP and Amerco Real Estate Company. Maynardville Pike LP sold the following three parcels of land: the old Kmart building on Maynardville Pike in Halls; the drive-thru restaurant building in the front of the same parking lot; an undeveloped parcel of land behind the Gondolier Restaurant. The total paid for all three was $4 million.” (emphasis added)

That undeveloped parcel of land behind the Gondolier was formerly known as Kroger – the biggest grocery store in Halls at one time.

Actually, this realty transfer is huge news for Halls residents who want to see new life at the old Black Oak Plaza shopping center. Stay tuned.

Sidewalks, greenways, bike trails galore

Take a look at the four standalone stories below – all about pedestrian and bicycle connectivity – a growing asset in Knox County. We can’t say enough about the Beaver Creek Kayak Club, the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club and Legacy Parks Foundation – three volunteer organizations that drive the vision for Knoxville as a vacation destination for families or singles who like to bike, run, kayak and drink beer.

Bring ’em.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

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