The cubs are all right

Beth KinnaneEast Knox, Our Town Outdoors

So far so good for the new lion cubs that arrived last month via C-section at Zoo Knoxville. The as yet unnamed siblings are getting along well with their caretakers, enjoy their toys and especially enjoy feeding time.

Now a month old, they were born just before Christmas on Dec. 21. Their mother, Amara, was not progressing with labor, and the decision was made to perform the surgery. They are being closely monitored with around the clock care and feedings.

The cubs also have a very small circle of people who are allowed to handle them and them only. And yes, they have to be protected from Covid, too. It’s too early to know if or when they’ll actually reunite with their mother. But joining the rest of the lions will be a process of careful patience and slow, benign introductions.

Enjoy these photos of the cubs:

And this video shared when they were born:

To learn more about Zoo Knoxville go here.

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