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  • A new feature: We’ll watch ’em so you don’t have to:
  • Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, on Tennessee This Week, said a legislator told him that serving in the state House is like being in junior high school, while serving in the Senate is like being in a nursing home.
  • Outsourcing: The Legislature will “insulate” any college president who opts not to outsource services from pressure to reverse that decision, McNally said.
  • Rep. Bill Dunn, on Inside Tennessee, said Tennesseans got $300 million for roads but will pay only $200 million extra on the gasoline tax increase passed as part of “the biggest tax cut in the state’s history.” It’s a users’ fee that is paid by “Yankees from up North and liberals from California” who buy gas in the state. Meanwhile, the Legislature reduced the sales tax on groceries and reduced the Hall income tax.
  • Next governor? Dunn said Karl Dean looks good for the Democratic nomination (as the only serious candidate in the race), but the Republican Primary will have “a lot of really good people.”

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