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  • John North, subbing for John Becker, ran out of show with time remaining on Inside Tennessee.
  • Randy Boyd, North’s guest, speaks succinctly. The man has been coached; he’s ready for prime time. Best questions: Do you have the patience to be governor? (Don Bosch) and Are you political enough? (Susan Richardson Williamson). Answers: I think so and yes.
  • Boyd apparently plans to run across the state in 6- to 8-mile increments, returning home most nights. So, he drives or helicopters to say Bulls Gap, laces his Nikes and runs to Mosheim. Then he drives or helicopters back home. See questions one and two above.
  • Brad Anders brought his campaign for county mayor to This Week in Tennessee, where Mark Mellinger subbed for Kristin Farley. Anders touts his experience as a county commissioner since 2008 and his advocacy for economic development. He writes off his reprimand for lax supervision in the case of a beaten homeless man as a “clerical error” on his part.
  • Madeline Rogero’s latest demonstration of political tin ear, relocating a Bible verse plaque at the police headquarters, drew fire from Anders and two of three TTW panelists. “Let a judge tell me,” said Anders. “Some fights are worth having. This is one,” said Scott Frith.
  • Craig Griffith said the field for county mayor is now set: Anders, Glenn Jacobs and Bob Thomas. Frith disagreed, calling it a “weak field” and saying another candidate may enter the race. He did not offer a name.

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