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It’s amazing that the 800-pound gorilla went unmentioned when District 2 council candidates Andrew Roberto and Wayne Christensen appeared Sunday on both Inside Tennessee and Tennessee This Week. City council races are non-partisan, but really, people.

Andrew Roberto served on the Knox County Election Commission as a Democrat. He’s also a trial lawyer, but opted to call himself a small business owner. And nobody challenged him. This is a district that’s been represented for 50 years by Jean Teague, Barbara Pelot and Duane Grieve. While not overtly partisan, these are not Democrats, folks, and neither is District 2.

Wayne Christensen should stop talking about workforce development and the opioid crisis – neither of which he can help much on the city council – and start talking about political philosophy. If he doesn’t, he will find himself finishing in second place, again.

Marsha Blackburn, with a gun in her purse, a Bible in her hand and a flag between her teeth, is in the race for U.S. Senate, to replace the retiring Sen. Bob Corker. Cortney Piper said her election would cost Tennessee power and influence in the Senate. Craig Griffith predicted a rural/urban split in the primary, and former state Rep. Steve Hall said Blackburn will have Trump’s support.

Candidate forum

Early voting starts Oct. 18 for the Nov. 7 city council election, with two candidates from five districts running citywide. All have been invited to speak to the Fountain City Business & Professional Association at 11:45 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, at the fellowship hall of Central Baptist Fountain City. This is a rare opportunity to hear the candidates:

Rebecca Parr vs. Stephanie Welch, District 1;

Wayne Christensen vs. Andrew Roberto, District 2;

James Corcoran vs. Seema Singh Perez, District 3;

Lauren Ryder vs. Harry Tindell, District 4; and

Gwen McKenzie vs. Jennifer Montgomery, District. 6.

(At-large and fifth district council seats will be filled in 2019.)


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