‘Strong numbers’ in register’s office last week

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The current situation in the U.S. has not stopped the flow of real estate and lending in Knox County. In fact, during the week of March 16-20, we recorded more property transfers AND more loans than the previous week. The total number of property transfers was 286 equaling $74.69 million, and the loans numbered 459 for a sum of $110.44 million. I consider these strong numbers for a trying time.

Nick McBride

The highest value property transfer of the week was $4.2 million between NIC Management LLC (Trustee) and Storage Cap Knoxville L P. The two parcels located at 201 Randolph St. currently house Hall of Fame Fireproof Storage.

201 Randolph St.

Our second-highest value property transfer was $2.12 million. This transfer was between SBT Millertown LLC and ALD.KTN LLC for the Aldi market located at 5405 Millertown Pike.

The largest loan of the week was the refinance of the Country Inn and Suites on Cross Park Drive. The owner, E-Hotels LLC, is now indebted to First Volunteer Bank in the amount of $5.8 million.

Country Inn and Suites

The second-largest loan was also a refinance by a hotel group. The loan obtained from Enrichment Federal Credit Union by Shree Ganesh Hospitality LLC and Ambiance Hospitality in the amount of $5.74 million is a refinance of the Sleep Inn and Clarion Inn both located on Central Ave Pike and other properties in the vicinity along Charlene and Aurora lanes.

Our office is open with limited staff. However, we ask that you keep your own safety and the safety of our employees in mind and, if possible, conduct your business via mail or courier. Please call us at 865-215-2330 with any questions.

Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.

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