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Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Neighbors

I love the pastime New York Times game of Wordle, often congratulating myself for thinking up six five letter words even though I missed the one in the puzzle after the same number of chances. Without their permission, I am creating my own wordle this week with six words with very connected meaning instead of connected letters: image, prays, Covid, labor, hope, oasis. Did you figure the answer yet?

If you answered Central Baptist Church of Fountain City Prayer Garden, you won today! The Prayer Garden across from the sanctuary on Lynnwood Drive started as a simple image of a member to have a large grassy area that could be used for a devotional place. After some visioning and praying, it became evident that something on a larger scale was needed and then Covid made that even more evident. Ground broke quickly that year of Covid-19 and volunteer labor brought it to fruition.

Prayer Garden decorated at Easter

It is used regularly for small groups, conversations, special events and simple lunch times. It is open annually during Dogwood Arts time and is an open place for residents to enjoy and rest from the bustle of the day. “The hope was that it would be both comfortable for anyone to enjoy casually, but also reverent enough to invite someone to prayer and God’s presence,” said the representative from the Central Baptist Church of Fountain City. “Our goal as a church is for this Prayer Garden to serve as an oasis for Central Baptist services and events, as well as Fountain City residents to enjoy for years to come.”

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