SCAN fulfills the ‘Golden Rule’ for our community

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My phone rings and I see the words “SPAM” so I know not to answer, but if I see the word “SCAN,” I know a group of volunteers answered a call and are making a lifesaving difference in our area. SCAN or Senior Citizen Awareness Network are the Sheriff’s Office ambassadors to our elderly and shut-in population of Knox County.

On April 19, Sheriff Tom Spangler, Chief Bernie Lyon and the Special Services Unit honored the SCAN unit. Front: Jim DeBusk, John Doggett, Bob Rittenhouse, Susan Hutsell, Mary Kerr; (back) Jerry Hilliare, Damon Beard, Walt Armstrong, Sgt. Glenwood White

These volunteers are trained to provide home visitations, security surveys, crime prevention counseling and community agency referrals. And sometimes they are the only human interaction the recipients may have during the week. Partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank, SCAN volunteers also take food donations to our needy elderly folks.

When the SCAN cruiser comes through a neighborhood, the volunteers are a familiar welcome addition as they are trained in many services while providing the weekly checks. They are trained in Project Lifesaver and assist by changing out the batteries in the Project Lifesaver devices once a month. Some SCAN volunteers are assigned to the Juvenile Court Division and may assist people in locating court rooms, paperwork, attorneys, etc.

A beautiful example of how SCAN serves our community can be heard through the words of Margie Keese who turned 100 years old on March 23, 2023, as she was joined by SCAN volunteers who visit her each week. Ms. Keese was asked if she had just one piece of advice to give someone younger, what would it be? She replied, “The Golden Rule of course! As long as you treat others how you want to be treated you won’t go wrong!”

The SCAN volunteers are living out that Golden Rule of advice every week for many of our special “Margies” in our area.

SCAN may be reached directly at 865-215-5633.

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