Saving the price of a Lincoln Day Dinner ticket

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Today, Republican friends, I will save you $50 (or $100 or whatever the price is up to).

An esteemed GOP in the know says the 2022 Lincoln Day Dinner will be held Thursday, October 13, at Rothchild Catering and Conference Center, and the speaker will be U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, a first-term member of Congress from Colorado.

  • Look: At Boebert’s snazzy attire.
  • Listen: To a recent speech on the House floor, and
  • Read her most recent tweets:

August 16: Good morning to everyone except for Liz Cheney, who gets thrown into the trash heap of irrelevance today!

August 16: Lubin’ Toobin was finally pushed out by CNN. Coincidence or is this trash network just making a place for Lying Liz Cheney after she gets trounced in the primary today?

August 19: The American people deserve a government without Nancy Pelosi in it.

August 20: Biden sent $775 million more to Ukraine yesterday. This is basically a weekly phenomenon. He’s spending our taxpayer dollars on a fight that is not ours and doing so without any limit. Why are we allowing this?

August 22: Fauci is stepping down in December to try and avoid scrutiny from a Republican House that will take over in January. Understand this loud and clear, Anthony: We are coming for you whether you retire or not. You will not get away with what you did to America.

If you support this sort of “leadership,” go ahead and buy a ticket. Or, you can join me in watching the George Beverly Shea video that the Gaithers are selling. Shea singing How Great Thou Art at age 85 has better vibes than the Gentlewoman from Colorado.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today Inc.

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