Salute to Cas

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

We’re honored to post a tribute to Orton Caswell Walker (1902-1998) as the first video on Knox TN Today. What’s not to like about Cas?

He made the “silk stocking crowd,” who thought they ran the town, apoplectic.

He had no respect for cats, reputedly using strays to train his coon dogs.

And he was a marketing genius in politics and business, talking straight to the common folk who believed him, even if he wasn’t exactly and totally looking out for their best interest.

Cas was a mentor to this writer, once saying when you hire someone, pick the one who most needs the job. Hear that. Not the smartest or most educated or best connected, but the one who really needs the job. They would work harder and be loyal. Cas was wise.

So, to David West and the Ciderville band, to Bo Pierce and all the other Cas-loving, moon-pie-eating, RC-cola-drinking Republicans at Powell Auction today, enjoy. This one’s for you.

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