Ronnie Taylor is a model of resilience and perseverance

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, West Knoxville

Overcoming any serious illness takes a lot of strength, perseverance and resilience. Ronnie Taylor, a fifth grade student at West View Elementary, exemplifies every one of those characteristics as he is an amazing young man. Ronnie was diagnosed with bone cancer as a third grader and so for his third-grade year and most of his fourth-grade year, he had to receive chemotherapy treatment for the cancer.

While his friends and classmates were in school, playing sports, going to birthday parties and being regular kids, Ronnie was attending school virtually and spending time in and out of the hospital over the course of the treatment.

His plan was to return to school in January of this year, but due to weakened bones as a result of the chemo, he broke a hip and landed in a full body cast for a couple of months.

Ronnie was finally able to return in person to school in March using forearm crutches. When asked how it felt to be back with his friends, Ronnie said, “Good, real good.”

Ronnie was welcomed back with open arms, literally. Classmates helped him carry his backpack, his books, his lunch and ensured he had anything he needed. Dr. Amy Brace, principal of West View, said, “They even played rousing games of Uno at lunch.”

Through it all, his family has never complained or faltered. They stood together and worked to make sure Ronnie got everything he needed to heal. Dr. Brace praised Ronnie’s attitude, “Ronnie has never complained or even talked about being tired. He and his family are a model of resilience and perseverance, and we are just thankful that we have gotten to be part of the journey.”

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