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U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy, 39, is challenging incumbent Sen. Ed Markley, 74, in the Sept. 1 Massachusetts Democratic primary. (Joe is the grandson of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, the grandnephew of JFK.)

So Young Joe attacked Markey for ignoring small towns like Dana, Enfield and Prescott. But, as Charles Pierce writes in the July 28 issue of Esquire Magazine, those three towns have been underwater since the Quabbin Reservoir was built in the 1930s.

Joe Kennedy III

To make a bad move worse, Kennedy’s communications director said, “We regret the silly error, but to be clear, we don’t think Senator Markey has been present in the 351 cities and towns that are above water either.”

Joe III could become the first Kennedy to lose in Massachusetts and the second to be inexplicably under water.

Leadership: Our Girl Scouts story turned up this statement on leadership in a pandemic:

“Carefully craft your leadership narrative to share your optimism and hope.

“On March 15, the fashion and perfume retailer LVMH instructed three of its factories to stop producing their iconic perfume brands like Christian Dior and Givenchy and start making hand sanitizer, which would be delivered free of charge to French health agencies and the largest hospital system in Europe. And LVMH is not alone. Leaders at many organizations are using their resources to help drive the response to this pandemic.

“Those companies are defeating the disease with their own unique purpose. By doing what only they can do, they’re saving the lives of their fellow citizens. What was a job a month ago is a calling today.”

Local Loss: Delilah “Deda” Lyle, 68, is survived by a huge family which disclosed her death from COVID-19 in her obituary:

“Everyone felt welcomed in her home. The entire family would gather at her house for holidays and celebrations. She made room for others who were just getting on their feet or who were in between jobs. She turned her dining room into a room for her mother who was dying of cancer, so she could be close to family and well-taken care of.

“Besides being a homemaker, she did commercial and residential cleaning and worked at many restaurants in the area including Morrison’s and Lee’s Famous Chicken. One day at Lee’s, someone, who was supposed to dress up in the promotional chicken outfit, didn’t show up, so Delilah was asked to do it. In spite of it being a miserably hot, humid summer day and her being claustrophobic she donned the costume, including the heavy, feathered, hot chicken head, just to help out!”

And then there’s this line: “Delilah had a big helping of tough hard times, but drew her strength from her family, her strong faith in God and her sense of humor. … She was a gift to all of us.”

Tax Free: Our friend Thomas Hill reminds us Friday, July 31, begins Tennessee’s Tax-Free Holiday. “No tax on computers new or used up to $3000,” he writes. Yes, Thomas Hill sells computers. Read the rules here.

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