Patients benefit from Fort Sanders expansion

Sandra ClarkInside 640, Our Town Health

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center is celebrat­ing the opening of a new critical care department that completes the final phase of a $115-million construction project to expand emergency and critical care capacity at the hospital.

Keith Altshuler, president and chief administrative officer of Fort Sanders Regional, says the timing of the hospital’s expansion aligned with the community’s needs.

Keith Altshuler

“Since we announced this project, we’ve seen the closing of a large downtown hospital and the unexpect­ed arrival of a global pan­demic. In light of these challenges, the expan­sion projects at Fort Sand­ers Regional are even more important and give us more opportunities to provide the excellent care we are known for to our patients.”

He said the new facilities meet current needs and the region’s future growth.

“Patients have access to faster care, because we have advanced imaging equipment right in the ED – so they don’t have to be transported to other areas of the hospital. That’s important when patients need care for medical emergencies like heart attacks and strokes, where time is critical for saving lives.

“In the critical care area, not only did we expand the number of rooms, the square footage and the technology in the department, but the design is intentionally patient- and family-centric.”

The new rooms offer eICU telehealth capability and in-room dialysis connections. The rooms have sleeper chairs and couches, a private bathroom and shower and other amenities so family members can stay with their loved one.

“That can be very reassuring for both the patient and the family when someone is critically ill.”

For more information: Covenant Health 0094-1172 FSR CCU OPENING

For virtual tour of the new department, click here.

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