Patient finds continuum of care at Covenant

Sandra ClarkOur Town Health

Rickey Betts of Walland and his wife, Sandra, are grateful that Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center not only operated on a tumor found on his spine (that would have paralyzed him from the waist down) but that he was able to receive treatment at Patricia Neal Rehab Center as well as Thompson Cancer Survival Center, all on one campus. He is very lucky, and the family counts themselves blessed to receive the lifesaving treatment they got from the staff, not to mention how unique and specialized Patricia Neal Rehab Center is and what can be done there for brain/spine injury patients. Read the full story: Covenant Health for KTT 3-18-20 0094-1085

Regarding COVID-19, Covenant Health has a web page with updated information and revised hospital policy to keep staff and patients safe.


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