Open meeting tonight at Town Hall East

Sandra ClarkEast Knox

Sandra Korbelik of Town Hall East asks: What are the big issues facing our community? What do our elected officials think? Do we agree?

“Come to our open community meeting, meet five of your elected representatives, and let’s discuss the hopes and frustrations facing our neighborhood communities in East Knoxville,” she wrote.

“After all, 2023 is a brand-new year!”

The meeting is today (01/09/23) at 7 p.m. in the fellowship hall of Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Asheville Highway, Knoxville.

From the announcement, it seems two county commissioners, Dr. Dasha Lundy and Richie Beeler, two city council members, Gwen McKenzie and Lauren Rider, and at-large commissioner Larsen Jay are invited. Jay has advocated for Knox County to pay for school playgrounds rather than leave them to be funded by parent and school support groups.

“The evening offers a real chance for our entire East Knoxville community to come, hear and talk with the elected officials who represent them,” Korbelik wrote.


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