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Anticipating growth in 2019, we tinkered with the website a bit.

Let’s walk through the changes.

The major content change is the addition of 10 categories for stories. The goal is to find one or two “presenting sponsors” for each to pay for a unique writer. The categories should blossom by spring.

We’re adding a daily (M-F) newsletter to those who sign up (no charge, ever). It will publish at 7 a.m. and recap stories posted during the past 24 hours.

We’re also adding two mailers. We’ll publish six times instead of four.

Staff: Betsy Pickle will proof and post copy, Shannon Cox will grow readership, Carol Springer will produce the mailers and I’ll be selling ads.

Corporate Partners: Expanding from eight to 12. Our policy of category exclusivity means we don’t take ads from competitors. This year, I’m looking to add a law firm, a commercial construction or architectural firm, an investment or insurance company, and an entertainment resource.

Readers: Every day we’ll provide obituary links to 52 funeral homes in a 13-county area – a free service. Harold Duckett’s reviews will be posted on the day after he sees a performance.

  • Monday: columnist Marvin West; Our Town Heroes by Tom King; The Farragut Insider by Wendy Smith; and Tag! You’re It, a photo feature by Shannon Cox.
  • Tuesday: columnist Frank Cagle; Our Town Stories, a history emphasis; On the Grow, a real estate/business emphasis, coming soon; North Knox feature.
  • Wednesday: columnist Sherri Gardner Howell; Our Town Kids; Our Town Teens; Food/home design feature, coming soon.
  • Thursday: columnist Sandra Clark; Our Town Leaders, business/government profile; Arts 865 feature; Farragut Rotary recap.
  • Friday: columnist Betty Bean, who gets emotionally involved with every story and produces the best writing in town; Get Up & Go, a feature on someone who finds life after retirement; Get Out & Play, 100 things to see and do outdoors; West Knox feature by Tracy Owens.

So, there it is. A sneak peek at 2019. Do we have this in place today? No. Can we make it happen? Absolutely. Stay tuned.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today. Reach her at 865-661-8777.

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