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OK. So last week we went in for training on how to place ads on the website. It’s like learning a foreign language.

First you open WordPress. Then scroll to “appearances.” Then “widgets.” Then “meks ads widget.” Honest.

I learned about widgets in college economics – those imaginary products used in biz school models. But what is a mek?

John McCulley (trainer) said it’s a software application invented by a guy named Tony. Apparently, his nickname is “mek.” Maybe John just made that up.

Next you click on the category where you wish to place the ad and do several more things. So, I started with Hillcrest Healthcare, a new presenting sponsor for our “Get Up and Go” feature. After several false starts, it was posted. But then I noticed the Hillcrest ad also appeared on virtually every other page on the website. Yikes!

I’m tempted to think it’s all magic – these widgets and meks have a life of their own and free will. Then I remember. This is math-based and logical – cause and effect. I can master this. But why?

  • Bob Mueller is an American patriot. He said his report speaks for itself, and it does. His life also speaks for itself. Platoon commander in Vietnam, law school graduate, 12-year director of the FBI, still married to the woman he wed in 1966.
  • With a career of public service, Mueller has given the USA more than we deserve. I was embarrassed last week to see the shabby treatment he received from both Republicans and Democrats – each side with a scripted agenda.
  • We won’t see Bob Mueller on TV talk shows or the public speaking circuit. He’s going home now and he will be OK. I hope as much for our country.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today, Inc. Reach her at 865-661-8777.

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