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Over the next few articles, Captain Jeff Bagwell will introduce you to the people who make up Rural Metro Fire. Rural Metro is a private fire department that’s served most of Knox County on a contractual basis with individual property owners for 40 years. Rural Metro Fire operates 16 (soon to be 17) fire stations in Knox County and provides ALS (Advanced Life Support) first responder services to county residents. If you are not a supporter or subscriber of Rural Metro Fire, now is the time. Call Member Services at 560-0239 to get signed up.

Farragut Station 241 Blue Shift Crew: Farragut Station 241 Blue Shift Crew boasts lots of young talent that will pay dividends in the years to come.

Haskell Crowe has been with Rural Metro since 2015. Haskell was a reserve firefighter before starting his full-time career. He has served at Station 10 (in West Knox County) and now serves on the Fire Medic unit in Farragut. Haskell is a licensed National Registry EMT, as well as a Firefighter II. Being on the Fire Medic unit means that Haskell stays very busy. When not responding to medical emergencies and transporting injured people to the hospital, he also responds as a firefighter on fires. Haskell is married, has three kids and lives in North Knox County.

Kevin “Bucky” Buckstein has been with Rural Metro since 2015. Bucky is a senior firefighter and has served full-time on the ambulance service before coming to the Fire Medic unit in Farragut. Bucky is a Level II Firefighter, working toward certification as a fire instructor as well as a critical care paramedic. Bucky is single and enjoys adventurous activities such as sky diving and horseback riding. He lives in North Knox County.

Trace Langley started his career with Rural Metro in 2015 and has been a live-in firefighter at Station 26 ever since. He is now assigned to station 41 in Farragut. Trace is certified as a Firefighter II and is working toward the master firefighter level.

Chayse Lyon started his career with Rural Metro in 2012. Chayse is a master firefighter and licensed as a National Registry Paramedic. He is from the Gibbs community and started his career at Station 17 (Rocky Hill). He later was assigned to Station 34 (Gibbs) and then Station 41 (Farragut). He is working toward becoming a fire instructor and works with our recruit academy. Chayse enjoys area lakes on his days off, and snow skiing in the winter.

Gabe Atkinson started his career with Rural Metro in 2012. After serving a few years in West Knox County, he was assigned to Station 26 (Strawberry Plains) Blue Shift, before transferring back to Station 41 (Farragut) last year. Gabe is a senior firefighter as well as a licensed EMT. He is an athletic person who loves any sporting event.

2018 Female Fire Camp: Rural Metro is seeking 20 young women (ages 17-25) to participate in the third annual fire camp, set for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, March 12-13, at 10140 Gallows Point. The fire camp is designed to expose young women to careers in fire service. Info: Brooke Brata at 865-607-2787 or

Captain Jeff Bagwell is the public information officer for Rural Metro Fire. He writes this column for Knox TN Today each month.

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