Katie Turpin and 19 of her best friends

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, South Knox

Who made a lasting impression on you? A teacher, mostly a lower grade teacher, was the response I got when asking a group of adults recently. Aside from my parents, my second-grade teacher left a lasting impression on me.

Katie Turpin and Kobie Lewis

One of my former college students, Katie Turpin, is a kindergarten teacher at Mooreland Heights Elementary. I knew from her passion about becoming a teacher that she would love it and I was not mistaken. First year teaching is the hardest year by far, but you would never know it from this new teacher who exclaims in April, “I love these babies like they’re my own. Kindergarten is my world.”

She recently took the class to the zoo, another challenging event for most, but again Katie has a positive reaction: “So grateful to be able to take them out and give them fun experiences like the Zoo.”

On a future day, there will be a group of adults asked who made the biggest impression on them and no doubt, there will be quite a few of Turpin’s past kindergarteners who reflect on their year with the teacher who says, “I have no doubt I’m where God wants me to be and I have 19 of the best friends.”

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