Judge Davis revokes bond for Halls shooting suspect

Sandra ClarkHalls

Larry Ray McBee remains in custody without bond, following court action on Dec. 28. District Attorney Charme Allen asked for McBee’s bond to be revoked since his recent charges related to the killing of Tristan Smith at the Rural King in Halls. On Wednesday, Judge Judd Davis revoked McBee’s bond and set the case for preliminary hearing on January 30, 2023.

McBee was out on bond from a previous city charge, and we questioned whether the DA had signed off on that release.

Sean McDermott, public information officer for the DA’s Office, said bonds in General Sessions Court are set by the judicial commissioners or by the General Sessions Court judges. “The DA’s Office does not set bonds or sign off on releases. Every day, we argue against bond reductions and ask for increased bonds, especially when defendants are a flight risk or a danger to the community.”

In the earlier case, McDermott said, McBee was charged with especially aggravated robbery, a Class A felony, that carries a punishment between 15 and 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole. He was also charged with evading arrest.

“The Court set his bond at $40,000 for the especially aggravated robbery and $2,500 on the evading arrest. A.1. Bonding Company posted his bond. Typically, a bonding company charges the defendant five to 10 percent of the total bond amount in order to bond the defendant out of custody.”

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