January starts with volume, but drop in sales

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The first week of the year yielded 1,027 recordings — not bad for a four-day workweek. The year began with 150 property transfers totaling $55.5 million. Five properties with price tags over a million dollars were recorded, four of those being commercial transactions.

Middlebrook Pike property rings the bell on $5 million-plus sale.

5210 S Middlebrook Pike was included in the property transfers with million-dollar price tags. HJH Knoxville I LLC sold the property and two buildings to Knoxville Industrial Group LLC for $5.3 million.

Nick McBride

Undeveloped property on Merchant Road may soon see activity. Merchant Tower Tennessee, LLC sold three adjacent properties including 2400 & 2600 Merchant Road with approx. 33 acres next to Northwest Baptist Church. Merchant Holdings LLC purchased the property for $1 million.

Delta Realty LLC sold the West 5th Avenue property with the retro “MAC Auto Loans” sign in the year’s first week. The purchaser, BCP MAC Knoxville LLC, paid $2.1 million for the building and property.

The final commercial property transfer of more than a million dollars was for 3006 & 3010 Industrial Parkway East in the Pleasant Ridge Industrial Area. Phalanx Real Estate LLC sold the two properties to East Industrial Parkway LLC for $1.23 million.

216 Loans were recorded to the tune of $86.4 million. The largest loan, $33.58 million, was funded by Central Bank & Trust, and Knoxville TVA Employees’ Credit Union funded the second largest of $30 million. The other loans over a million dollars were:

We’ll continue with the three-year comparison chart through the year. Take a look at the most recent numbers.

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Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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