It’s on! Bounds vs. Dunn 2020

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies, Halls, Powell

Patti Bounds is all in. “I opened the bank account today,” she said. “And now it feels real.”

Bounds has been contemplating a race for state representative for some time. The former elementary school teacher has served on the school board for five years, while incumbent Bill Dunn has served in the legislature since 1994. The two Republicans share similar views except on one fundamental issue: school vouchers. Dunn was the prime sponsor of Gov. Bill Lee’s bill for vouchers that passed by one vote after several deals were cut and most counties eliminated. Bounds supports public education and will resist efforts to divert state revenue toward private or church schools through vouchers.

Bounds has not raised or spent money yet. She’s making courtesy calls and mapping plans to run a winning low-budget campaign. Stay tuned. This one will be fun.

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