Inspiration strikes twice for April Lamb

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I was always interested in being a teacher since both of my parents had been teachers, but it wasn’t until I was mentored by my high school English teacher, that I truly felt inspired to pursue it as a career. It was not just her passion or knowledge of the subject matter that was contagious, but her sincere concern for her students that made me know that I wanted to follow in her footsteps and make a difference in this field.

April Lamb has had this same experience twice in her life, both times in connection to a third-grade classroom. First, her third-grade teacher inspired her to choose a career as a television reporter. She realized this as her dream job, working at three different television stations as a reporter and anchor.

Lamb’s second inspiration revealed itself as she began volunteering at Wesley House Community Center in the after-school program while working locally for WBIR. April says, “I realized that was what I looked forward to the most each week.”

One day a third-grade boy asked her if she had always known she would be a teacher and she told him she wasn’t a teacher. Being the ever-probing reporter, April continued to question the youngster, “Do you think I would be a good one?” When he responded that he thought she was already a teacher, she began shadowing her teacher friends on her days off, leading to the decision to return to school.

Second inspiration realized, April worked with kids through the Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians and completed her student teaching. Like her television career, her teaching career has led her to three schools: Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy, Shannondale Elementary and Gibbs Elementary. April knows this second inspiration is her true calling: “I am happy to work just down the hall from my daughter and share my love of learning with kids each day.” If you see her in action, you know it’s true.

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