Ina Langston retires as principal from Fountain City Elementary School

Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Neighbors

Ina Langston is retiring from Knox County Schools after serving a distinguished career as teacher and principal. She and I became friends in graduate school when deciding to venture into the unknown world of school administration. There I met in Ina a leader with the kindest, gentlest heart for people that would serve each community blessed to have her at the helm.

Fountain City Elementary School came together last week to show Principal Langston how much her tenure at this last stop has meant to them. What was supposed to be their final Pep Rally of the year, was actually a celebration and time for the entire school to honor Ina Langston.

Each grade level had a special presentation for the principal from handmade books by kindergarten, songs by second graders, poems by first graders and fifth graders, artwork by third and fourth graders plus two very special songs performed by the entire student body.

This statement says it all, “Words cannot express how much you mean to us and how much we are going to miss you, Ms. Langston, so we hope you felt all our love during this ‘pep rally’!”

Student Body Singing

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