Improvements ahead for Hillwood Drive

Betsy PickleSouth Knox

Over seven days, beginning Monday, July 11, Island Home residents should anticipate Hillwood Drive being closed to through traffic as Rogers Group crews widen and rebuild the shoulders on Hillwood Drive.

The approximate $100,000 city project will result in two uniform 10-foot lanes along the 820-foot-long street between Island Home Avenue and Island Home Park Health and Rehab, 1758 Hillwood Drive, according to a city press release.

Currently, Hillwood Drive at its most narrow points is about 17 feet wide. There are spots where the edge of the roadway ends and there’s a drop-off of 5 to 14 inches.

This project will widen the road by up to 3 feet and also slope the shoulders, creating a more gradual transition from road to right-of-way while allowing run-off water to continue to safely follow its current path.

The widening of the road and sloping of the shoulders is expected to be completed by Sunday, July 17.


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