Hillcrest retirees post 81 years: Debbie & Jackie Raleigh

Susan EspirituOur Town Neighbors

Jackie and Debbie Raleigh have retired from Hillcrest Healthcare after 81 combined years of dedicated service in the Beverly Park Nursing Home’s housekeeping department.

Jackie Raleigh served the facility for 44 years and met his love and then spouse, Debbie, on campus where she has served for 37 years.

Jackie & Debbie Raleigh with Donna Kelly, facility administrator

The facility’s social media account heralded the couple as leaving behind a legacy of compassion, commitment and excellence, marking the end of an era at Beverly Park with their tireless work ethic, coupled with their genuine kindness setting the standard for all who follow them.

The two were presented a combined check for $8,100 as Hillcrest gives retirees $100 for every year of service.

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