Help grow a garden at Inskip Elementary

Beth KinnaneNorth Knoxville, Our Town Neighbors

Friends and neighbors, the good folks over at Inskip School need a little help with a spring school project. They are building a new garden and need to purchase some quality soil for it.

“The new garden is called Inskip Commons, and it will be a place where members of the school community can come collect fresh, healthy produce during the summer,” said Meghan Blevins, Inskip’s assistant principal. “Our student population struggles with food insecurity and access to whole foods. Inskip Commons will help fill these gaps in our community’s diet through weekly farmer’s market style events each weekend. There is also public access to the garden throughout the week.”

Blevins explained that the current garden is on heavy clay soil that is quite compacted. These donations will go toward building a new layer of fertile topsoil to help make the garden as productive as possible. The garden is 43 by 35 feet, so adding even a few inches of material across the space requires a significant amount of material. Any funds donated will go directly to purchasing material from a local provider, L and M Landscaping Materials.

Go here to make a donation. The school needs to order the dirt by Friday, April 8.

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