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Last week’s recorded document total was 1,689. The 301 Trust Deeds carried a total value of $243.5 million. The largest loan obtained was $25.6 million which was funded by Corevest American Finance. There were only four other loans recorded with values over a million dollars and they were:

Property Transfers made up 252 of the documents recorded. The value of those was over $116 million dollars. There were eight property sales valued over a million dollars but only three were commercial properties.

Nick McBride

The highest-value property transfer was in the Hardin Valley community. Located in the Westbridge Business Park at 10140 Gallows Point Dr., CCI-MBM XIII LP sold the building currently occupied by the office of Rural Metro of Tennessee to Four Star Partners LLC & Metro Partners for $9.9 million.

Another high-value property exchange took place between BIR Investments and a private trust. BIR Investments sold three tracts of land making up approximately 33 acres that back up to Carriage Hill Apartments and have frontage on Wilson Road. With an address of 2211 Sycamore, this property changed hands for $4 million.

Estes Express Lines LLC sold its property at 5204 Middlebrook Pike, in the industrial section of Middlebrook Pike, to a private party for $2.5 million.

Our 3-year comparison shows up-to-date numbers for 2022.

Just a reminder that you can obtain copies of your documents by calling our office at 865-215-2330.

Also, please sign up for the Property Fraud Alert Program that is offered by the Register’s Office. This is a FREE program and we will not contact you for any reason other than something being recorded against your name or property address. To sign up just go to https//: alertme.knoxrod.org, click on Register Here, and follow the prompts. You can also click on this link to take you to the website. This is one easy and small step to help your peace of mind.

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Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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