Glenn Jacobs to speak at ‘Patriots’ rally

Betty BeanKnox Scene

“Join us to show your support for President Trump and find out how you can get involved!”

A Middle Tennessee state senator is spamming out invitations to East Tennessee Patriots to attend a “Stop the Steal. Keep the Faith.” rally at the Expo Center on Clinton Highway Monday. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs is a featured speaker, along with Franklin lawyer Gary Humble, a vocal opponent of governmental anti-COVID measures who starred in an anti-mask rally in downtown Knoxville last month.

The announcement/invitation comes from the campaign of Republican state Sen. Mark Pody and also promises messages from U.S. Rep Mark Green and Sen. Marsha Blackburn.

Tennessee’s 11 electoral votes are safely locked up for Donald Trump and unlikely to be pilfered before the Dec. 14 Electoral College formality, so the purpose of this indoor rally at a time when COVID-19 infection rates are spiking seems somewhat unclear.

But it’s probably safe to predict that masks will not be required.

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