Georghiou to head KAWE

Sandra ClarkOur Town Leaders

Alexia Georghiou is the 2022 president of the board for KAWE, Knoxville Association of Women Executives.

Georghiou is the founder of the Life Betterment Through God coaching program and the Knoxville Happiness Coalition, with an aligned mission to improve the well-being of citizens globally with World Happiness Fest.

She is also a corporate trainer and personal-development instructor with the University of Tennessee Center for Professional Education and Lifelong Learning. Her passions include developing leaders to coach with research-backed strategies.

Locally founded in 1982, KAWE is dedicated to advancing its members professionally and personally through networking, mentoring and leadership opportunities. The group meets on the second Thursday of each month. Click here to learn about membership and qualifications to join, and schedule a coffee chat with Georghiou today.

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