Friday bird watch

Beth KinnaneFountain City, Our Town Outdoors

Back in June, Knox County celebrated its 230th birthday and the state of Tennessee its 226th. We started this month celebrating the United States’ 246th. This week we celebrate a more humble anniversary,  the 62nd since the publication of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird. In case you didn’t know, the northern mockingbird is Tennessee’s state bird, and, no, you shouldn’t, and, besides, it’s illegal. If you’ve never read the book nor seen the movie, you should do both. Post haste and in that order. If it’s been awhile, give yourself a refresher course. In the meantime, enjoy this youngster of 2022 figuring out which bugs to eat next from the vantage point of a native coral honeysuckle in a Fountain City backyard. Photo by Beth Kinnane.

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