Farragut students dissect pig lungs

Susan EspirituFarragut, Our Town Youth

I would much rather go to the store and get my meat than actually look at the animal it comes from such as the chickens on our hobby farm where we get our eggs. In fact, I have threatened my husband that our chickens are only for egg raising, not the picnic table! Besides, for what it costs to feed them, a piece of one of our chickens, fried, would be incomparable to just buying a “fryer” at the store.

Volunteer helping students with pig lung dissection

I digress, because this story is about Farragut Intermediate School and the opportunity the fifth grade students had recently to dissect pig lungs. The FIS PTO, teachers, support staff and more that 150 volunteers made the experience possible for the students to better understand the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of mammals, which of course includes humans. The pig lungs were made possible by Wampler’s Farm Sausage, family-owned in Lenoir City since 1937.

The PTO posted a special praise to the students: “We are so proud of the 5th graders for truly engaging in this unique learning opportunity.” I wonder if any of the students are as squeamish as I am and will have a little more trouble with their next bite of hot dog or sausage biscuit.

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